Work placement abroad for apprentice engineers

From Arts et Métiers ParisTech in partnership with ITII Aquitaine and CFAI Aquitaine

What is the IPPI (Ingénierie de la Période Professionnelle à l'International project ?

Since 2015, every apprentice engineer at the CFAI must perform a work placement abroad for a period of at least 12 weeks, which can be split, if needed.

Referring to the recommendation of the CTI (French Engineer Committee), this internship is compulsory for every trainee engineer in order to be able to validate their Master's Degree.

As the work placement must take place during the time spent at the French company, we recommend the summer break as the most appropriate time to do it (please refer to the schedule of each course).

Apprentice engineers are able to work on :

  • Technological benchmarking
  • Skills transfer
  • Strengthen your partnership
  • Galvanise a specific project
  • Carry out an audit on customers, suppliers, affiliates, …


 You can welcome apprentice engineers from two fields :

  • Production & Maintenance engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

What is CFAI Aquitaine ?

The CFAI Aquitaine [Centre de Formation d'Apprentis de l'Industrie] is a French training centre dedicated to apprentices, aged from 16 to 30, their industrial careers and expertise.

The training lasts 3 years depending on the specialization and the intended level of qualification.

Since its establishment, more than 5 000 students have passed their degree from the French National Education system or a French University, or have successfully obtained an Engineering Master's Degree, and went on to follow their career plan.
The CFAI Aquitaine in Bruges is certified as a WorldSkills training centre for sheet metal technology.

 The strengths of CFAI apprenticeship

  • Apprentices sign an employment contract by apprenticeship, which underlines the specific relationship with the company. The engineer’s training is then completed in the company and at our vocational training centre and our prestigious partners : Arts et Métiers Paristech;
  • Apprenticeship is another way of learningApprentices get professional skills and benefit highly from their work experience and feedback ;
  • Independence : by following the company’s regulations, the apprentices learn how to be independent and responsible when working in a company ;
  • Industry apprenticeship provides a professional experience and offers a real passport to a career with high tech companies ;
  • strong coaching : the apprenticeship tutor and the CFAI Aquitaine work side by side during the training, up to the apprentice graduation ;
  • Every apprentice engineer has to take part into an International Engineering Professional Project.


For any information, please contact

Mrs Pauline Dargere
+33 (0)6 11 60 64 08